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The comfort of your child was not the only consideration in the design of the Revolution Stroller. For instance, the handlebar is nicely padded with a material that does not get hot and sweaty in the summer nor cold in the winter.

What if the path you are strolling down really does go down? Well, especially when going down hills, there is a wrist strap on the handlebar that you can use to attach to your wrist, thus ensuring the stroller and your little one do not get away from your protection.



There is a nice variety of accessories available for the Revolution Stroller. One of the more useful ones if you have a baby is an adapter for an infant car seat. As mentioned above under Seats and Harness, you can get an adapter to fit most infant car seats. And the adapter installs quite easily.

There is a winterized insert optionally available that fits into the stroller seat to keep your child quite warm during the cold season. Also you can get a weather shield to keep your child dry during strolls in the rain.

A sunshield is available to protect your little one from harmful UV rays.


Pockets and Such

As you may have heard, "the smaller the child, the larger the luggage." So the space designed into the Revolution Stroller it is especially well thought out to offer ample storage. Underneath the seat is an exceptionally roomy cargo basket that can hold most things you'd want to take along with you.

As mentioned earlier, there are convenient pockets in both the seat back area and inside the seat itself. This allows items to be easily available to your child inside the stroller and to you behind the stroller.


The Revolution Strollers' fabric is stain resistant and easy to wipe clean. This allows you to easily keep the germs and dirt from accumulating near your little one.

This stroller comes with a five-year warranty on the frame and one year on the fabric and small parts.

Cost Effectiveness

The only downside to the Revolution Stroller for some families is the price. There is no question that although the cost is more than that of most strollers, the extra quality easily justifies it. Yet the price can be difficult to accept.

But if evaluated by the long term view, it may be revealed to be far more cost effective than one might initially think.

Consider the resale value. So many parents desire a Revolution Stroller. This is firstly because of its reputation. It gets descriptions from parents such as "like pushing air" and "light as a feather." Folks rave about its maneuverability and it's ability to fold up so easily and quickly. You realize that you can recover half the price you paid for a Revolution Stroller by reselling it.

By prorating that un-recouped half of the cost over the time you use it for your child, you can see that it is quite a good investment.

And if you are thinking you will have another child, it becomes even more cost effective.


Duallie for Planning on More Than One Child

Speaking of cost-effective and having more children, one of the considerations in getting the stroller is whether to get a single stroller or a stroller for twins. The version of the Revolution Stroller made for two children is called the Duallie. The special suspension on the Revolution Stroller allowed it to be made for children of much differing size.

One side can hold an infant while the other side holds a child up to 50 pounds.

So unless you are pretty sure that you will not have small gaps between having children, you would do well to get a Revolution Duallie Stroller. The Duallie comes in only the SE, Sport Edition model, not the CE, City Edition model. I guess that way the Revolution CE Stroller maintains its revolutionary maneuverability in shopping aisles.

It is so difficult for a new mother to be dealing with a toddler and a baby at the same time. Having to manipulate two strollers, along with putting the young ones in and out of them, is, well… impossible. And instead of having to connect two strollers together or find a second person to push one, you can, for much less than the cost of two Revolution Strollers, greatly alleviated this entire perplexing situation by getting a Duallie.

And one of the most wonderful things about a Revolution Duallie Stroller is its amazing maneuverability of two children at the same time. Oh, each seat reclines independently.


Wait 'til 6–8 Months

If you don't have the infant car seat adapter to mount your infant's car seat into the Revolution Stroller, it is best to wait until your baby is about 6 to 8 weeks old and able to hold his/her head upright.

Although Bob does not recommend it, some parents have put their infants in the Revolution Stroller without the car seat by providing adequate support for the baby's neck.


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The Accessory Adapter

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