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What you'll surely want to know about
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The Exceptional Ease of Use

You can be amazed at the number of things in the Revolution Stroller that contribute to its ease-of-use. The first thing you'll probably notice when you're pushing the stroller is the miniscule effort it takes to push it. And probably the next thing you'll notice is the legendary turn-on-a-dime maneuverability. As a matter of fact, you will soon realize that this wonderful stroller can be pushed and turned literally with one finger. You'll be navigating around grocery store aisles and tight curves almost as well as you can with your own body.

The Much Talked-about Wheels

The thing about the Revolution Stroller that parents cannot rave enough about is the front wheel. That's right, the front wheel. There is only one, and almost without any effort whatsoever it rotates 360° and beyond. This is one of the primary revolutions of the Revolution Stroller. It is what allows you to maneuver through a crowded country fair or church social with great ease. And you no longer have to do a wheelie to make a turn. One of the reasons this wheel rotates as if you're scooping warm butter is the high quality ball bearing attached to it.

This wheel can also lock in the straightforward position, which among other situations, works well during jogging.

It is surprising to find such large wheels on a stroller, but just as the large `wheels of a huge truck allow it to move effortlessly across a surface that smaller tires cannot, the wheels of the Revolution Stroller allow you to travel across almost any surface. (Of course I am excluding water here.) And the large wheels allow this stroller to move effortlessly to and from a rough surface with almost an imperceptible change in speed. As a matter of fact, the wheels are simply designed to move effortlessly; they give almost no resistance to your push.

So just what kind of surfaces can it travel on with ease? Well, obviously pavement and sidewalks. But what about going up and down curbs? Hardly a hiccup. Dirt roads? Check. Gravel? Those larger wheels roll over it nicely. Sand? The SE stroller, which is made for all-terrain surfaces, works well on sandy beaches. Snow and even mud that is not too thick is handled well by the SE stroller.

Now remember, these Revolution wheels are not the cheap wheels of so many competitor's brands, including the high-end brands. They do not use foam tires. Foam tires are not made for off pavement strolling, as such tires do not travel well. These are inflatable tires and tubes, essentially a wide bicycle tire. The wheels holding the tire are made out of a high impact polymer composite. This is what gives the Revolution Stroller's its special strength and reliability. It also helps absorb impacts to the stroller and your child.


Parking Brake

The secure parking break on the stroller is quite easy to operate. By simply pressing down on the brake bar with your foot, it activates snugly against both wheels. Now you can safely put your child into or out of the stroller.

And to release the brake, simply lift the break bar up with your foot.

Quick, Effortless Folding

One of the exceptionally useful features of the Revolution Stroller is its ability to be folded into a compact space.

The experience of using this feature is enhanced significantly by how amazingly easy it is to use. On each side of the handlebar is a lever. In step one, you squeeze both of those levers simultaneously and tilt the handlebar forward. On the front of the stroller, there is a release handle. The second step is to lift up on that handle. A simple two-step process is complete.

The stroller can easily be put in the trunk of your car or strapped to the roof on your sports utility vehicle. And to make the folded stroller even more compact, simply remove the quick release wheels. Total breakdown time is approximately 30 seconds.


Types of Compatible Terrain

The Revolution SE Stroller is the version that has been well engineered for all terrain. Just imagine your freedom to go wherever you want with your child, across dirt, gravel, beach sand, tall grass, and even mud and snow that are not too deep. And of course curbs are not a bother at all.

The Revolution CE Stroller does not handle the worst of these examples. But it can traverse moderate surfaces like light snow and short grass without any difficulty.

Patented Suspension System

How many bumps ahead are there on the little strolls you will be taking with your child? Well, the Revolution Stroller includes a patented suspension system that will keep these rides quite smooth indeed.

This suspension system is not made of springs like so many strollers are, even the more expensive ones. Consider this: do you have shock absorbers on your bicycle? Well, the Revolution Stroller does. It actually has well engineered, patented shock absorbers. They make the ride along a bumpy road feel as though it is going down a sidewalk. Not only that, these shock absorbers are adjustable with two positions. The first position works best for a load up to 40 pounds. The second position handles loads from there to 70 pounds.

Additionally, the frame of the stroller gives even more suspension, absorbing more shock before it can get to your child.


Extendable Canopy

The Revolution Stroller has a multi-position canopy. You can adjust its position from full sunlight on your little one all the way to providing maximum shade while maintaining the ability to see forward.

The top of the canopy has an exceptionally large viewing window so you can always see your child enjoy his/her self.


Plush Seats and Harness

It is quite comforting for you to know about, and for your child to feel, the plush padding of the seat and the seat harness. Can you imagine what it would feel like to not know why your child constantly wants to get out of a stroller? With this stroller, physical comfort will not be an issue.

The Revolution Stroller has a five-point harness for the additional security of your child while jogging or traveling along bumpy surfaces.

The seat has nice pockets, both in the seat back area and inside the seat, that are well-positioned for snacks and toys.

One of the nice features of this seat is its ability to recline up to 70° from the vertical. That is as much as you would want and it allows your little one to sleep soundly in a comfortable position.

You can purchase an optional adapter for the Revolution Stroller to hold the infant car seat you use in your car. There is an adapter available that is compatible with most infant car seats. It installs into the Revolution Stroller almost effortlessly.


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The Front Swivel Wheel in Action.

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